Mostly Complete Projects

The folowing projects were complete enough for me to release to the public.


GUI Library that adds basic controls such as buttons, scrollbars, and text boxes.

I eventually extracted the input from MonoGameGui and moved it into its own project. This ended up getting adopted and expanded upon in MonoGame.Extended.


Small side projects to explore new technologies.

MonoGame TextField

I also inteneded to exstract the textbox into a seperate that provided project to provide single and multiline textboxes which works across XNA/MonoGame/FNA using unit tests to ensure correctness.

Kotlin & ThreeJS

This leverages Kotlin's ability to compile into JavaScript to allow you to write Three.js based applications using Kotlin. I got a handful of the Three.js examples working, mainly focusing on the 2d and particle effect based examples.

TypeScript & ThreeJS

Extreemly incomoplete. Experiment to learn the TypeScript and how to create new bindings.